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Love short skirts,dresses,nylons,leather clothing of all kinds,thigh-high boots,makeup and wigs.Try to get out at least once a month, but sometimes it’s more.I have a pretty complete wardrobe. Now, that pandemic is over, I want to get out and shop and meet more of this wonderful group.I have had makeovers together with group members, met at Clubs and restaurants and gotten to know many through the chat.Still a little new at interactions alone and a little shy to show off myself in public at times but I find it easier to be with a friend .Love the Forum and chatting with other members.

Love Jamie’s makeup guidance .Really helps transition.Jamie is a fantastic person and great artist. I look forward to chatting with her and seeing her when I can!Like chatting about fashion styles, shopping etc.On the road to passibility and everyday is a little better.Looking to get to know others virtually or in person to share things together and learn from them.I love to go shopping ,have nice dinners, go for a drink or just coffee.Jamie has become a great adviser and confidant on makeup, style and fashion.I love this site as it is a great place to store our best photos.Yes,I’m a bit of a Diva and like posting photos of myself!


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