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Hello Dolls,
   I welcome you to TGCD Style Toronto - a beauty and styling safe haven like no other in Canada! My name is Jamie B., professional makeup artist and stylist, and I specialize in transformative beauty makeup, amplifying your feminine features with unforgettable results you'll want to show off and experience time and time again! 
Girly fun and intrigue is endless! Whether you want to learn how to apply makeup properly, find the perfect wig, or experience a true transformative makeover, TGCD Style Toronto is the right place to let your femininity come to life in a comfortable, safe, and girly atmosphere. My private home studio is as feminine as it gets - with lots of pink and gold! Come and visit me and indulge your feminine self at the one & only TGCD Style Toronto. 
After all, your inner femme is calling...


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