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Hello Dolls!
It is Canada's only private full service feminization "safe haven" specializing in MTF makeovers and so much more for
over 10 years!
Whether you identify as a cross dresser, trans woman, non binary, or gender-fluid, EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE! 
Allow me to amplify your innate feminine features with unforgettable results you'll want to show off and experience time and time again!
Girly fun and intrigue is endless! Whether you want to learn how to apply makeup properly with a lesson, find the perfect wig, or experience the true transformative magic of a makeover, TGCD Style Toronto is the studio to let your femininity come to life in a comfortable, safe, and girly atmosphere - and I have a lot of experience and guidance to share with you!
My private home studio is as feminine as it gets - with lots of pink and gold accents! Come and visit me to indulge your feminine self at the one & only TGCD Style Toronto. 


"My "Makeover Mission" is to create the most passable, naturally-enhanced results for your features! Just to clarify, I prefer not to create drag queen or heavily overdone makeup looks. This is because those techniques are best reserved for the stage or movie set due to their thick layering techniques and exaggerated features, which are designed for performance. Clients who seek out my skills are looking to have a regular "girl's day out" of retail therapy, coffee at a shop, a lunch date with friends, or even a night out on the town, where face-to-face encounters and being in public are highly likely. A face that looks cakey and overdone when in person is distracting and unrealistic, and negates the purpose of being passable. With that being said, as a makeup artist, I don't necessarily shy away from colour or shimmer, but it is always used in tasteful moderation for your sense of comfort and confidence, especially when being out in public.  xoxo"

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