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Jamie will provide you with a vast wardrobe full of dresses, skirts, blouses, leggings, yoga pants, bodysuits, and skinny jeans in stretchy form-fitting fabrics, high heels, flats, wigs, shapewear like waist cinchers, corsets, gaffs, thongs, panties, full body pantyhose, tights, and lots of purses & jewelry to try on!

It's a feminine paradise! 

Unsure of what makeup to invest in? Confused about products and colors? Afraid to order a gaff thong or those silicone breast forms to your house? No more worrying about entering credit card information and being traceable by your partner or family. For a reasonable fee, Jamie can get you any femme item you need, discreetly, shipped to her location. Either pickup or arrange for her parcel forwarding service in a discreet Canada Post box. 


Got your message, girl!

I'll reply ASAP!

If you have any privacy questions or concerns, please get in touch at the following discreet email address: cdn tech ltd at gmail dot com
or send me a text (416) 464-1089

Cancellation Policy: If you are able to provide 24 hours notice, it is deeply appreciated, as this potentially allows for your spot to be filled by someone in need of an appointment. Deposit will be non-refundable for no-shows.
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