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Dolly Monroe
Professional Photographer 
and Pinup Model 

Imagine taking your transformation to the next level, by capturing your beautiful look through the camera lens of a professional photographer at an ultra femme private photo studio!...Photos you can cherish and reflect upon forever! It's the ultimate gift to yourself. 

Think Baroque-inspired pink velvet sofas, exquisite gold picture frames, and access to an array of various props and wardrobe - all curated through
a blend of vintage/retro vibes! Got your attention? 



I had previously booked the Femme Escape experience with Jamie

at TGCD which I was very happy with. Jamie did an excellent job with my makeup and I enjoyed the femme experience that I decided to book again with Jamie, but I wanted more than the Femme Escape offered, I decided to book the Professional Photography session at Dolly Shots studio with Jamie. Jamie met me at Dolly's studio and she greeted me with a warm hug. Jamie introduced me to Dolly and the 3 of us seemed like old friends. I slipped into a pink lace mini dress and sat down in the makeup chair and Jamie went to work on a magical transformation. Makeup completed, Jamie put a long curly auburn wig on me, and spun the chair around and there she was. Lisa, a stunningly beautiful girl staring at me in the mirror. I was very happy with Lisa's new look. 


Jamie, with her work done, stepped aside and Dolly took over with her camera. Dolly led me to a red velvet couch where she coached me into various poses and kept the camera clicking. I changed dresses and Dolly asked me to sit in a blue velvet chair and Dolly's camera continued clicking another bunch of pictures. I put on a gorgeous red sequined gown for the third look and Dolly directed me to a love seat, taking many more pictures. The afternoon flew by too quickly. Lisa enjoyed every moment. When I arrived home after the shoot, Dolly had sent me a link to all of the photos that she had taken, more than 400 fantastic photos for the 3-look session. There were dozens of fantastic photos to choose from making it very difficult to select just 15 photos for Dolly to edit.


Jamie made Lisa look like a Princess. Dolly made Lisa feel like a fashion model. Lisa felt very feminine!

Jamie & Dolly, the dynamic duo! I wasn't disappointed!     


Hugs, Lisa

Lisa' Experience with TGCD Style Toronto and Dolly Shots Photography
Lisa's TGCD Style Toronto makeover with professional photography by Dolly Shots

Pinup model and professional photographer, Dolly Monroe, brings her unique eye for vintage style to every photoshoot! Dolly strives to challenge outdated beauty standards through the promotion of body diversity in her art. Her greatest joy is inspiring others to love and embrace their body and themselves!

What will the session look like?

Jamie will meet you at Dolly's private photo studio (located near Danforth Avenue in Toronto) where she will create your transformation, on-site, from head to toe with the femme items she will bring - from dresses to heels to wigs to makeup/nails! Then, Dolly will take over and prepare you for the photoshoot and capture some stunningly classic photos of you in a relaxed, safe, and feminine atmosphere!
*You are more than welcome to bring your own wardrobe and/or use any of Dolly's vintage-inspired props/wardrobe that she has available. 


How Do I Book?

Please contact Jamie directly to book.

*If you need to reschedule, please allow at least one (1) week's notice and we can apply your deposit towards the new agreed-upon date. The deposit for cancelling/rescheduling after this timeframe (7 days) will be non-refundable. This policy is instilled to ensure the respect of everyone's time.


 (includes the transformation AND photoshoot!)

Note: The transformation will take about 1.5 hours in addition

to the photoshoot timing below.

"1 Look" Photoshoot - 1 hour, 5 edited digital images


"2 Looks" Photoshoot - 2 hours, 10 edited digital images  $700

"3 Looks" Photoshoot - 3 hours, 15 edited digital images  $800


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