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"I am not sure how I became aware of Jamie’s services, probably the Great Algorithm placed them before me. I kept it in mind for over a year as my own transition journey idled in neutral. I started HRT but outwardly little had changed. Was I ready to take the plunge? I was out to my family, many of my friends and work colleagues. And I presented as feminine only in private and only occasionally. But the confidence to brave public spaces eluded me. For a transfemme person at this stage, skill in using make up isn’t just a decorative art. It’s self defence. Badly done makeup will undermine confidence while in public and it can attract negative, even violent, attention. By contrast, makeup skillfully employed increases confidence and makes it easier to blend in while out in public. By the time I came to see Jamie I was pretty baffled. Past girlfriends and YouTube experts had given so much conflicting advice. Communications were friendly and warm and I booked a session in mid-December, an early holiday gift to me. On arrival Jamie was just the same as she had been over email, bubbly, friendly, affirming. Our session was more than three hours long and Jamie explained everything step by step. I didn’t have to worry about remembering it all as she promised a very comprehensive recap after. I have been feminizing my appearance for a long time and have had a few reveals. But I truly did not expect what I saw at this grand reveal. It. Was. Incredible. I was speechless. Then I had a few tears. I do wish I had taken a few more photos as the effect was so incredible. Especially my eyes which are deeply hooded. Jamie through her magic had created beautiful “Disney Princess” eyes. My cheeks glowed. After decades I finally looked like I felt inside. After I left I drove to a friend’s about 45 minutes away. Previously when I would drive en femme I would be nervous try not to make eye contact. Not this time. I kept checking out my eyes in the mirror and I felt POWERFUL! I was making eye contact and owning the space. Everyone I have shown my photos to after that session has been amazed. It opened my eyes to the possibility that maybe I could pass. Maybe I was ready to brave public spaces. And that is just what I did. I have been presenting femme full time since that day. And since then I have had so many compliments on my makeup skills from women and men, trans and cis, queer and straight. Now, armed with the recap and product list and recommended tools I am getting ready with confidence. Contouring, beard covering. And facing the world with confidence. Owning the space. Thank you Jamie, you’re a life changer!"


"I went to TGCD Style Toronto for a full head to toe makeover and could not have been happier with the experience and the results. Jamie makes you feel so comfortable and at ease from the first moment you meet her. Her warm smile, kind eyes, and welcoming personality make this much more than just a male to female makeover. Jamie is so talented with a makeup brush and has such a high fashion IQ that she really transforms you into a passable, glamorous woman. I brought some of my own outfits but Jamie had such an extensive fashion forward wardrobe in so many sizes that I had to try on some of her fabulous pieces and heels. Once we chose a gorgeous wig from her incredible selection, Jamie twirled my chair away from the illuminated mirror while she put it on me and styled it just right. She spun me back for the “big reveal” and I could not believe that the feminine, fashionable, and totally cute woman in the mirror was me! All I wanted to do was get out into the world and show off my femme self! Jamie has created an elegant, sophisticated, chic salon that will turn your feminine dreams into reality. Her personalized service, expertise, and selection of body shapers, wigs, clothing, shoes, and accessories will satisfy even the pickiest of customers. I have had many makeovers all over North America and I can honestly say that Jamie is the best out there. You will not only leave feeling like a confident, passable, dare I say, pretty woman, but you will also leave with a special new friend."

- Nicole Miller


"There are two important skills needed to do this work and both are equally important: compassion and technical proficiency at applying makeup. Jamie has an abundance of both. I was delighted by my session with Jamie. She puts you at ease, which sets the tone for the occasion, and methodically goes through the many steps of makeup-application. For beginners like me, her advice is invaluable. Jamie understands skin-tone, facial features and how to enhance both. She came up with ideas that would never have occurred to me. Plus her list of steps and products make it easy to reproduce her techniques later at home. I've rarely had as positive and fun an experience as my time with Jamie. She ends the session with a "reveal" that's as satisfying as it is dramatic. Jamie has perfected the approach for this work and deserves your business."

- Ally 

"My appointment with Jamie was my first time having someone professional apply my makeup, and the experience was simply beyond wonderful. First, Jamie is a warm, delightful, funny, honest, and talented woman who puts her clients at ease right away. From the first welcome hug through the entire process she was amazing to talk to, fun to learn from, and explained things each step of the way towards an amazing finale. I have never felt so feminine with makeup on, and she also took the time to advise me on wigs (I had brought two), and showed me a fun and beautiful way to pin up the longer one that made it a standout. I started out excited and quite nervous, but her fantastic work and wonderful charm won me over almost immediately. The final makeup was amazing, and my friends who I spent an evening out with (wow! first time) were raving about how good my makeup looked. Jamie, you are amazing, and I absolutely will book with you again when the opportunity arises, and let's pop the eyes even more the next time. Thank you so much for making me feel confident and looking so beautiful."


- Kate 

"I knew I needed to learn more about makeup application and skin prep if I wanted my makeup to look passable in public and improve my overall look. I was nervous about going to a stranger, but as soon as I met Jamie, she immediately put me at ease. She is funny, intelligent and so professional. Jamie taught me so many important things about skin prep that I had no idea about. She wrote out all the products my makeup case was missing and helped me purge the out of date and inappropriate products that I had in the box. Jamie explained and showed me each step of the makeup application process as she transformed me from a man into the beautiful woman I wanted to be. When Jamie finally applied my wig and styled it, I couldn't believe what I saw in the mirror. I felt so pretty and feminine. I walked out of her studio as a confident and elegant woman and I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying dinner with a friend and then out to a great party with friends, where my makeup lasted throughout the night! I got so many compliments on my makeup throughout the evening. Jamie taught me so much during our session together and made me feel so pretty. It was like a day at the spa. I look forward to seeing her again in the future." 

- Melanie 

"There is only one word to descirbe my experience with Jamie: Amazing! She is easy to talk to, is an expert with make-up and will make sure all your suggestions come together for a stunning final product. You will notice immediately that she is a very down to Earth human being and a fun conversation. She gives you all the details on how make-up is applied. The process leads to a stunning final product. She will help you get feminine and confident in every way possible. Turning around for the grand reveal in the makeup chair with the wig and outfit on brought a huge smile to my face. Then accessorizing and strutting around in heels felt incredible. Jamie aso does amazing photos that are very well lit. I would highly recommend the transformation experience to anyone. Stay fabulous Jamie!!!"

- Valentina 

 "I was amazed at the quality of your work! I have had over a dozen makeovers in the past by different people and I can honestly say your ranks at the top in terms of beauty and passability. I have never felt more beautiful. You are a true professional and I hope to be able to use your services again soon." 

- Janet

"I was very nervous about getting my transformation but Jamie soon turned that around and I enjoyed it so much. She made me feel comfortable and made me pretty. Thanks Jamie. I'll never forget the fun makeover. Hoping again soon for another one. Hugs xoxo"

- Sandy

"I arrived at Jamie's studio a bit nervous and didn't quite know what to expect. Jamie has a very friendly disposition and made me feel comfortable rather quickly. We discussed what I wanted to do in the session. I told her I have been crossdressing for a long time but need help to organize what I have especially makeup, She helped me to sort out the makeup and tossed out the stuff that is too old and not suitable. She guided me through the makeup routine and imparted me with a good understanding of how makeup works. We put together a couple of attractive wardrobes and had some fun with the pictures. My wife even told me I looked attractive in the pics ! Overall it was a very pleasant afternoon and time well spent.  Jamie and I had already discussed plans for our next get together and I am looking forward to it.

Thanks Jamie !"


- Katherine 

"I want to give my compliments to Jamie. I  visited Jamie for a complete makeover and fashion consultation.  Right away she makes you feel welcome with  a warm and friendly attitude.  She really knows her makeup skills and will guide you to best products, colors and application techniques.  Thank you Jamie !!"


- Christine 


"I had never put makeup on before and honestly a little nervous about taking this lesson, but Jamie put me at ease within 5 minutes of meeting her, twenty minutes later I found myself with foundation on and it just took off from there. I was so pleased with the result that I didn't even want to take it off when we were done. Jamie is awesome, you will love it, and you will look fantastic!"

- Emily 

"Friendly, fun, knowledgeable, flexible, well equipped, did I mention fun. Jamie works her magic through her charm and her massive travel make-up kit."

- Anonymous

"Awesome makeover experience!....Provided me with new suggestions and ideas that enhanced the look I was after."

- Chloe

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