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Meet Jamie B.

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Jamie B.
Professional Makeup Artist & Stylist

My humble beginnings started in North York. Today, my discreet studio is located in Ajax, a quick drive east on the 401 highway.

Jamie B. is a professional makeup artist serving Toronto and the GTA for over 10 years now. Originally from New York City, she brings her personality and love for beauty up north. Her editorial work has been published in several industry magazines.

It all began in 2014, after Jamie discovered that Toronto's transgender and crossdresser communities were in need of their own trusted style consultant and professional makeup artist. She knew right away that she could provide the services that were needed and enjoyed. Her close friend, a transwoman, asked if she would provide a makeover for her and her friends. This lovely lady was simply growing tired of feeling like she was "trying too hard" to be "passable". A few transformations later, Jamie's work was beginning to gain recognition.

Jamie has been helping the often shy and self-conscious client feel more confident and full of girly excitement. After all, this is about giving her clients the chance to experience the divine feminine - to safely explore that powerful feminine energy and beauty; Surrounding yourself in a girly pink studio, with elegance and with FUN ('cause girls just wanna have F-UN)!! 


Jamie is easygoing, non-judgmental, and enjoys getting to know her clients one-on-one. No awkwardness - no pressure - with a cup of tea or coffee to make you feel welcome and comfortable during your appointment.

To this day, Jamie does not formally advertise TGCD Style Toronto. It was always built on the principal of discretion, as it steadily grew through word-of-mouth and trust. She holds her integrity in high regard. 


Whether you want to go out on the town, or you're simply curious to see how you would look professionally transformed, allow Jamie to assist you in your unique journey. Remember, it's natural to feel nervous before we meet, and there is never a timeline in expressing your femme self. 

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